Katarzyna Załużna

The polish Photographer Katarzyna Załużna shows the world what a good bokeh can do! I really love her her approach to turn nature stills in some sort of dreamy fantasy worlds. See more on her Portfolio and Facebook page.

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Man standing on cliff in the afternoon in Portugal

In the last few weeks I´ve finally implemented one of my goals for this year: A new website platform to be independent and not to have different places all over the web. I was very satisfied with my Adobe portfolio page actually, because it can be patched very quickly and easily when you are working with behance. For me, however, my website should be more than just a picture gallery and I really wanted to write a blog in order to be a starting point for inspiration. So now everything is running again on WordPress and currently I am also working on a small print shop on this site.

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Simon Stålenhag

I recently came across a new series of more great paintings by Simon Stålenhag whose pictures can be seen in many art and design blogs out there. In most of his work he shows an all over post-apocalyptic desolation and I am very fascinated by the hidden story of each one of them. There are tons of more to see on his portfolio and print shop.

(via boredpanda)

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Inspirations 07/17


Some years ago the fine people at Veni Studios created a VFX film made by some photographs of my expedition to Antarctica when I visited the german research station Neumeier II. I simply love to silent and slow approach and was absolutely amazed when they came up to me with this unique piece of art.

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